Ashleigh Rachel

My Story

I grew up with a father who loved photography. He shot with a Canon 35mm and the only thing I remember beyond that was the orange and brown 70’s strap that hung around his neck when he was photographing us as kids. He was always capturing life in its truest form; Mom in her curlers giving him a scold as if she wasn’t photo perfect yet, my three older brothers dancing around the living room in their teenage mutant ninja turtle undies, and little ole’ me, the youngest of the bunch, making a mess in my Sunday dress with a mustache of red Kool-Aid.

Life is definitely meant for living and I think photography that can capture even a little glimpse of that is worth more then gold.

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed artist. I guess you could say I came by it naturally with my two artistic parents with two very unique styles and ways of expression. One free spirited yet meticulous to detail while the other was calculated but a risk taker at heart.

Creative thought, balance, color, and boldness have always been a strong suit of mine, and not until I became enthralled with the world of photography did some of my not-so-flattering-traits become tools to my trade. I tend to over need organization to the point of organizing gum in the grocery store at the checkout line. Thankfully my checklist ways became extremely beneficial when working with clients and keeping things on task during the start to finish process with photography. I pride myself in my organization and order these days! Re-arranging, re-decorating, and even switching rooms (take for instance my father’s office) became a way for me to perfect my surroundings to create balance. While it wasn’t so fun for my parents when I was in high school, it is fun for my clients. I love interior design so I feel only right about making the most beautiful settings for my clients to be photographed in. I’m always looking for new props that are unique and captivating as well as locations that are engaging to the senses! Last confession is that I am a bit of a critic. I can notice lipstick on two front teeth from a mile away and I’m not shy enough to let a complete stranger wear it. So while this has embarrassed many a passerby, it has made more than a dozenself-proclaimedd un-photogenic people very happy. I’m not afraid to make you laugh, fix your shirt, or change up the tempo if I’m sensing you feel a little uncomfortable.

Ashleigh Rachel photography captivates the truest essence of the soul by capturing the times made for cherishing and keepsake. Finding her inspiration from the most genuine moments that encompass beauty and shape the very lives we Live. Love. & Capture.

What really got me enthralled with photography was when my father passed away unexpectedly. I took a course in college to learn about the beautiful art of film. I then sifted through old photos for countless months, holding onto those photos from years ago and slowly reliving each and every moment captured, laughing at the silly faces he made, crying over the sweet moments we had shared, but most of all remembering the small details that made him my dad. I love getting photos of details because they seem to be the things we forget the soonest. One of my favorites of my dad and I are actually of our feet, in the sand, by the ocean in Florida.

What beauty would a rose have without its petals or a young bride without her mother’s strand of pearls? For me beauty is often times noted in the subtle details of life.

My love for family and my precious little girls have shaped the focus of my photography in a large way. I love nothing more then growing with families. From the engagement session, to the big wedding day, and then the call that says, “We’re due in 9 months!” I absolutely love making genuine relationships with my clients and giving them the very best photography from the day that they say “I do” to the time they celebrate their child’s first birthday by singing “Happy Birthday”. I aim to capture the true spirit of your unique family whether it’s you two and your “pet child” or the little rascals. You could call me a sap, but at this point in my career, I would much rather capture more than just the major milestones, but everything in between. Some call themselves wedding photographers other portrait photographers but I prefer to call myself a lifestyle photographer. I want to capture it all, by building relationships with the families  I photograph and by ensuring the very best service because I fully intend on being there for all of the not-so-important-milestones and big days that make life colorful.

Live, Love, & Capture.