Questions worth asking

What is the difference between lifestyle, studio, & outdoor?

A lifestyle session specifically is something with little to no posing, a large emphasis on candids and is often times photographed at least once over the course of a year if a family books a package where I photograph their child a few times a year. It is a great style to use when you have older children and you would like something very special photographed like your summer trips to the cabin, family pizza and game nights, and or when little ones refuse to cooperate but a tickle session is something they are down for or playing at the park.

A studio session for a business can be set up on location however for families or babies they take place in my home. The studio is a great place for families to bring in cute props and or use the ones I have. Together through outfits and talking about style and vision we will create something new for your session. From cute baskets, blankets, to unique holiday mini sessions the sky is the limit.

Outdoor is simply photos taken outside at a specified location like some of the ones listed below. Depending on the season and the availability together we can bring your vision to life and ideally work in a beautiful and new place that engages your family and your personal style. From downtown Stillwater being an all time favorite to trying out new locations or specific fields as they bloom I am most passionate about outdoor photos and would prefer for all sessions to take place outdoor as often as possible. 

What is the experience like?

Sessions are relaxed, silly, fun, and never the same. Don’t expect any cheesy super-posed shots, unless of course it happens on accident and then usually it’s cute and fun anyways. Once your session is booked, we’ll discuss location, clothing, and the overall feel of the session. You’ll find out where we are photographing your session and you’ll even get some suggestions on clothing and props to bring with you to make your session extra special. These are not you r typical portraits and I have no apologies for that. My style is not for everyone and that’s totally fine. Make sure you love my work before you schedule me, this way we can both be thrilled about the outcome when you receive your images!

What can I expect from my wedding day?

Complete and utter attention to details, a step by step shot list filled out months before, a comfortable and somewhat budding friendship as we work together months before. Mutual sharing of ideas and making sure the day of you feel confident in leaving me to taking the photos and you to the enjoying and living in the moment. Together with my “co-shooter” who doubles as husband by day we can not wait to work with a very select few weddings each year.

What can I expect for my Child and Family Session?

This should be FUN! I will work at your level and your pace. Sometimes, we’ll shoot for a few hours and the kids will just ham it up and other times it will be for a half an hour and then we’ll take a break, have a snack, and then get back to it. Parents staying calm and relaxed during the shoot is the best case scenario for everyone. I suggest bringing some of your child’s favorite toys and even some bribes if you think your little one might give me a run for my money. It helps to make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the session, that nap time isn’t too close to session time and the kiddos are well fed. A parent must always be present during the session. It is your responsibility to make sure kids stay safe and that infants/babies are within your arms’ reach. If ever you feel uncomfortable with a location or an idea you have full authority to ask me to switch it up, and I promise I won’t take it personally!

What can I expect for my Engagement Session?

I love seeing the unique qualities of your relationship come out in your session. If you guys met at a football game, or you have this crazy fondness for scrabble, then I want to know about it. We can definitely get some classics for mom and dad but other then a few we should get creative so you guys can look back on these for years to come and still giggle over the magic you two share!

How do we find the right location for the photoshoot?

Tell me about the feel you want for your session and I can help figure out the best location for your session. I am open to trying new places! Newborn/baby sessions are best photographed between 5-10 days old so book before your due date! We can photograph them in your home if you feel that you have a few cute locations to work with like a beautiful nursery, otherwise my home studio in cold conditions is always up for grabs, and my preferred is outdoors nestled in cute baskets and blankets.

What is the play-by-play?

I will show up to our session a little early and I will want to look everywhere to find the best light. I will have you sign a photo release form and you will pay for your session in full. Once all of the boring business stuff is out of the way we’ll start having some fun. I’ll likely have a few fun props I’ll bring along to add to the photo shoot’s flair and then we’ll see what happens from there. No two photo shoots are alike so keep an open mind as I capture the elements I see exuding from you and your family! I always welcome your own ideas, so if you have something specific in mind, please tell me before the session so I can be sure to come prepared.

How should I prepare for my photoshoot?

Try to keep it simple, and be prepared for a few change ups. Don’t forget to clean & trim everyone’s nails and toenails (especially mom’s and dad’s on newborn sessions). Less is always best when it comes to makeup for photo-shoots. Parents sometimes want to cover up blemishes on teething children but I will professionally edit all of your photos so don’t freak out if your hair just won’t stay put, or your little one just got a big bruise from last week’s bike accident. Also if we will be shooting at your house, don’t overly freak out about cleaning, but do have the location that we’ll be primarily shooting at cleared so we can have plenty of space to play. For newborn shoots, do not bring so many outfits with you that the baby cries more then sleeps while we shoot. Nude newborns are the best way to go in my opinion. Also, be realistic with the amount of outfit changes, and know that if you’re working with kids, two outfit changes is usually enough.

What happens if I am sick, it rains, or I need to cancel my photoshoot?

If someone is sick, let’s reschedule. I will always reschedule sessions if I am ill because no one needs any extra germs. I will however need a 24 hour notice if you have to cancel. If for some reason I never receive a phone call, email, Facebook message or you show up to a shoot more then a half an hour late without a legitimate 24 hour notice or “My kid is puking like right now in the car” then we will reschedule, and a $100 fee will be charged to cover the sitting fee AKA (babysitter, other sessions I missed out on, my time, gas money, & props I bought just for you etc.)  If the weather is iffy I will contact you early on however we will not call off a photo-shoot until we absolutely have to. Usually we get a dry spell or the kids just muster through the drizzle and they work out great! Cloudy days are great days for photos so please trust me in knowing I don’t want to work with bad lighting either and will call off the shoot if I feel we are in danger or the weather is not conducive to what we have planned. You will not be charged a $100 fee if we have to reschedule due to weather however I will be the one to make the final call. What if plans come up and we have to go out of town for a family vacation? You will need to give me plenty of notice 1 week prior to your booked session to not be charged the $100 sitting fee and in the instance this happens more then 3 times throughout the course of me working with your family I have the right to no longer work with your family. It isn’t fair to others trying to schedule sessions and it’s not something I consider to be polite or worth my time and energy if not taken seriously.

Photography is an investment in the memories that you already love.

For complete package details send me a message and I promise to only send you the package details that pertain to you. Plus I’d like to get to know you better! Let me know a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for in the sense of price range, style, and if you have something you’d love to have done but haven’t seen in my galleries. I love trying new things so don’t hesitate to ask. I’m excited to hear from you very soon!